Platte Food Center

Our HistoryMarcus King built and opened Marc's Market in 1973. Tom Boltjes became a co-owner in 1995. At this time, a new building in a new location was built, and the name was changed to Platte Food Center. In 2000, Marc King sold his share of the business to Steve and Tom Boltjes, and a scratch bakery (Dutch Oven Bakery) was added to the building.
Our SloganWe Do the Most for You!
Our SpecialtiesCatering, Fresh Meat & Produce, Friendly Customer Service,
Community Involvement
Brenda Kuper - HBC
Don Teeslink - Dairy
Valerie Hildebrandt - Produce
Shawn Namanny - Frozen
Scott Crosby - Ice Cream
Dave King - Catering
Jim Vanderboom - Meat
Our CommunityWe are proud to be involved in all school activities at
Platte-Geddes School and Dakota Christian School!

We are in a very supportive community, where the motto is "It's Possible in Platte"!